Coach Nick

Looking for a programme aimed at the physical and cognitive development of your child, using a variety of exciting sporting games and activities?  Then Join us at Mini Titans!

Mini Titans was established in 2008 by Coach Nick Blundell in reply to the lack of active sporting and developmental programmes available to our young growing Kiwi Kids.

Coach Nick saw the gap in the market and began to provide a sports based programme coaching 3-12 year olds in fun, competitive and safe environment. The programmes are much more than just coaching how to catch and pass they are about instilling values, integrity, respect, self-esteem and self-awareness into our Mini Titans and Little Amazons.

Coach Nick is often referred to as the Pied Piper of his generation. A child magnet he has a natural instinct towards coaching children to the best of their abilities as well as focusing on building their little characters through the specific games he develops.

With  a crew of well trained, active and passionate coaches Mini Titans classes, academies, holiday programmes and birthday parties are providing the next generation with the abilities to strive and succeed.

At Mini Titans our aim is to:

  • Teach a variety of fundamental ball and sport skills.
  • Increase spatial awareness.
  • Increase general fitness through a variety of cardio activities.
  • Improve balance and co-ordination.
  • Help boys/girls realise their full potential.
  • Increase self confidence and sense of achievement.
  • Build a broad skill base through a range of sporting activities.
  • Have fun!
For more information on Mini Titans and to book your child in to our class please email us at or 021 848 263

6 responses »

  1. Joshua says:

    Are you free to organise a party for me on the 14 of September. If so how much do you charge.
    Thanks Joshua

  2. Sabibe Hogguer says:

    What about helping girls to reach their potential?

  3. Tania Hayden says:

    Want to book Kori monks for next wednesdsy 9-3 July 8th

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